Problem statement for the SFB 768

Innovation processes are subject to external and internal cycles. Changes in the business environment such as shifting market requirements, technological advances, and macroeconomic cycles represent interdependent factors with a significant influence on the innovation process.

At the same time, various internal factors affect the innovation process: development and production processes are adjusted, product and service ranges are reorganized, personnel and organizational structures change, and decision points and information flows have to be defined and coordinated.

On top of their dynamic and uncertain nature, these internal and external cycles are also in a relationship of changing content-related and temporal interdependency.

A lack of knowledge and handling of these cycles and their dependencies and effects leads to problems.

The overarching analysis and modeling of the innovation process across all cycles, which is necessary for a more comprehensive understanding of the issue, is not possible at the moment. These deficiencies in innovation processes are hindrances to companies in their attempts to achieve their time, quality, and commercial objectives.