Research Talk "Automating Scientific Research in Optimization" by Prof. Thomas Weise (Institute of applied optimization, Hefei University, China)

In October 2018 we were allowed to welcome Prof. Weise. His research area "Optimized Management, Planning and Operations Research" overlaps strongly with the topics of the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 768

Research talk about Automating Scientific Research in Optimization by Prof. Thomas Weise

Meta-Heuristic Optimization tries to find the best and fastest possible solutions. The algorithm performance has two aspects: Solution quality and required runtime. Which algorithm is best for a specific application, which parameter settings result in the best performance? How to find the simplest and best algorithm without much effort? Prof. Weise presented the project "" as a solution to this question. The project helps researchers in optimization and machine learning to fully understand their algorithms and problems and to develop better and more robust algorithms. It also helps practitioners in an application area to understand which optimization/machine learning methods are best suited to their specific needs. The SFB employees from the subprojects A3, A7, D1, T3 were allowed to participate in this exciting workshop and discussion.

We thank Prof. Weise for his visit and wish him all the best and much success in the professional field.