Working Groups

The four working groups, which were established during the previous two funding periods, are also deeply integrated during funding period 3 of SFB / CRC 768. A special focus is therein laid on methods and tools to shape innovation processes of PSS. As, for the transdisciplinary shaping of PSS, the integration and application of the methods and tools are essential during funding period 3, the developed information and results of the working groups "Enhanced Economy", "Shaping and Process Optimization" and "Demonstrator" are integrated and continuously updated. Further, the working group "Organization" aims at planning the organizational aspects and events of SFB / CRC 768. 

Our Use Cases on the Gestaltenplattform (

In order to increase transdisciplinarity and at the same time to derive practical applicability for companies and scientific added value for innovation management, the structure of SFB 768 changed at the beginning of funding period 3. The working groups "Design and Process Optimisation", "Extended Profitability" and "Demonstrator" have dissolved and restructured into four so-called "Use Case" working groups. The working groups focused on the core areas of innovation management that had developed in the course of SFB 768: