Working Group Q1: Enhanced Economy

The purpose of the working group Q1 "Extended Economy" is to shape the implementation of cycle management of innovation processes, so that enterprises can achieve an additional benefit compared to conventional innovation processes. In this case the focus is purposely not only on the financial performance indicators. Instead many aspects of the "Enhanced Economy" are involved. They refer to e.g. the acceleration and increase of the effectivity of development and alteration processes, better customer orientation or enhanced company structures and team processes. Due to the effects of the several models on the operating numbers identified in funding period 2, the methods and tools developed in funding period 3 can be classified and clustered. Through reconciliation of the effects of the several tools, these tools can be adapted, so that the integrated effect regarding the operating numbers can be optimized. For example, the integration of customer knowledge can increase the information in the development, however, this knowledge can only be used effectively if a suitable scheduling of the PSS-portfolio together with an effective team structure is available. To better analyze and depict this integrated effect, the results of the working group "Enhanced Economy" and the results of the working group "Shaping and Process Optimization" shall be brought together and integrated into a common software-based “Shaping Platform”.