Agathe Marcelot referiert zum Thema "Developing tools for studying cross-talks between tRNA chemical modifications in Bacillus subtilis"

Reid Alderson trägt vor zum Thema "Cellular quality control machinery: mechanisms and insights from NMR spectroscopy"

Stephen Wallace trägt vor zum Thema "Living microbes for sustainable synthesis"

Layara Akemi Abiko trägt vor zum Thema "High pressure and empty cavities: manipulating the β1-adrenergic receptor conformational equilibrium"

Ian C. Eperon trägt vor zum Thema "Making decisions in RNA splicing"

Iva Pritisanac trägt vor zum Thema "Using evolution to discover functionally important features of human IDRs"

2 day training course for doctoral students in their 1st-2 second year

Retreat Report 2019

May 13th – 15th, Kloster Roggenburg

The PhD and PostDoc retreat 2019 took place at Kloster Roggenburg near Ulm [mehr].

Retreat Report 2018

May 1st – 3rd, San Servolo, Venice

The annual SFB1035 PhD & PostDoc Retreat took place on San Servolo Island just outside Venice [mehr].

Retreat Report 2017

April 3rd – 5th, Haus Bergsee, Spitzingsee

This year’s annual SFB 1035 PhD and Post Doc retreat was held at Haus Bergsee located at Spitzingsee in the Bavarian Alps [mehr].